Other photographic services

Yes, of course, we can make passport photos or team photos for your business. We have a mobile studio after all and can set it up in your home, office or restaurant. Do you need images for your annual report? Let us photograph your people at work for editorial purposes. Or have your kids or pets photographed in our studio, or outdoors. We are really quite versatile and can shoot almost any type of event, from school events, dance events, church services, or (by exception admittedly;) weddings. Action photography is also possible, where we capture you participating in your favorite sport or hobby. We also offer fashion photography where we can shoot models in our studio or outdoors, for example on the beach, forest or savanna. For retailers or restaurants, we offer deep-etch product or food photography. We do videography too and create marketing videos. Lodges & guesthouses can adorn the walls of their rooms with our fine-art prints. And for those wanting to learn more about photography, we have courses and workshops available. Contact us to discuss your needs.