Private tuition and photo workshops

Nick is a partner and principal teacher at Nature’s Light Photography Tours and Workshops, and often leads workshops throughout Southern Africa, Madagascar and Iceland. On offer are online or in-person courses in Digital Photography, workshops of a few days long, or even full expeditions up to 2,5 weeks long!

Private tuition:

Sometimes you just need an hour or two to get to grasp of either how to use your equipment or your editing software. Or maybe you would just like some pointers on ‘how to shoot your favorite subject’. You can meet either in the field somewhere or in his studio. For those occasions, Nick is available from St. Lucia at an hourly rate of R540, which include his preparation time and time to meet you somewhere (up to 30 minutes before and after). Teaching topics are determined by you and will have a Question & Answer setup to be most effective for you. You ask and Nick answers and shows you, hence you get maximum information about just the things you want to learn about. To enquire about private tuition, please send Nick an email.

Photography lessons or courses:

On offer are a variety of courses through our dedicated Photography Tours and Workshops website These courses differ from the private tuition’s Q&A setup in that they work around set subjects, for example ‘macro photography, camera lenses, advanced composition’ etc. Usually, these subjects will be presented using a PowerPoint Slideshow, in a classroom setting. Courses can be booked as part of a set schedule where other participants may join, or you can book them privately. They are available in St. Lucia, Ballito, or Kloof (Durban). To enquire about courses, please send Nature’s Light an email.

Some sample slides of our Introduction to Digital Photography Course, on offer through Nature’s Light

Overnight Photography Workshops:

Nature’s Light offers awesome all-inclusive workshops to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Iceland, Norway and various destinations in South Africa, where you can learn all about photography in a fun and personal manner! The focus of such workshops is on landscape photography, including astrophotography, but usually includes opportunities to shoot and learn about wildlife, people, and culture photography too. For more information please visit If you prefer the focus to be on wildlife and general nature, rather than landscape, rather opt for a private photography tour (see below).

Private Photography Tours & Holidays:

If you would want to book a photographic holiday for yourself or a small group of people, Nick can organize that too. With a post-graduate degree in Biology, FGASA qualifications as an ‘expert safari guide’, and his wealth of photographic knowledge, you can’t ask for a better tour leader than Nick. One of his particular skills is reading animal behavior, so he can warn you in time to get the perfect shots of wildlife. Previous clients have highly rated his great sense of humor, good mood, happy company, and great in-depth photographic tuition in understandable laymen’s language. Nick, being the owner of the Van De Wiel Travel Group, can literally organize any tour to any destination at competitive rates, and offer himself as tour leader. This way, you don’t have to do or worry about a thing. Nick will organize all logistics, transport, accommodation, catering and photographic tuition. All you have to do is relax, enjoy and learn. Email Nick now to discuss your dream photo holiday!

Join Nick on a photo workshop